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What   is the   Internet?
Basically, this is an encyclopedia of information, a world-wide library if you like and includes facilities of an electronic mail box [e-mail]. Most services are free of charge, except for the price of a local phone call. Where charges do apply to services it is clearly indicated and these cannot be opened accidentally.

What is an E-mailaddress?
An e-mail address enables you to collect messages from anywhere in the world at any time almost instantly. We supply a free e-mail address. This can reflect your name or service. For an extra charge you can have more than one mail box so that each person can have their own mail box at the same address. You can send and receive a simple memo to a full color document direct to and from your home computer.

How much does it all cost?
For actual prices and more details get in touch with our sales department sales department.

How do I choose an account name?
If you do not require your own domain name you can chose your own account name. This is the name which appears after the address of the server your account resides on (such as
This will determine account name or email address. For example, if you select the username 'my_name' then your email address would be ''. If you want to check that the account name you want has not already been taken by another customer or have any queries regarding a name then please contact our sales departmentor call us to discuss your requirements. Account names are allocated on a first come, first served basis.
What do I need to put a web site on the Internet with the address
You need three things in order to put a web site with the address on to the Internet. Firstly, you need to register the name, and we will arrange this with the appropriate authorities. Secondly, you will need to design the website (we can design this for you) and finally you will need some web space in order to store your web site (please ask for our detailed website hosting facility). 
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